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César Pesquera
Motion & Broadcast, Ilustración, Animación
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Patrocinado en la convocatoria n°63

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Actop is a creative cell based in Barcelona and formed by Alvaro P. Posadas and César Pésquera. They operate as an open structure experimenting and collaborating with different agencies, collectives and artists and working on a wide range of media: print, animation, motion graphics, live visuals and new approaches to the moving image.

Their work has been shown internationally in different festivals as Dotmov (Sapporo, Japan), Optronica (London, UK) or Sonar (Barcelona, Spain), and has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide like AMOADA (Texas, USA), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), DA2 (Salamanca, Spain) or Resistor Gallery (Toronto, Canada). Mass media clients include Canal+, MTV and Nike amongst others.
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